The General has declared a state of emergency.  All hell has broken loose!  Seek refuge!
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Ghost Ship Harbor‍‍‍ is your last hope for survival.  A plague has broken out on Land and all hell has broken loose. Authorities are commissioning a decommisioned ship called the USS Salem.  A ship that was once the prize of the fleet!  The ship will be leaving port October 31st so you must get on before that if you want to survive.  We will be checking people to make sure the virus does not get on the ship.  If you somehow get the virus, you will be disposed of.  Unfortunately this is the law we live with now.... ‍‍‍  


*The fourth attraction is an upgraded experience‍‍‍

*The USS Salem is a haunted vessel, Ghost Ship Harbor makes no guarantees that you will see ghosts.

The latest Saw movie


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Last ticket sold at 10:00PM

Opening Sep 29th

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Looking to host a large group, corporate outing or just some good old team building at Boston Attraction?  Nothing like getting the ship scared out of you to create some group bonding!

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Can the virus be contained?  I don't think so.  Haunted House near me
All hell has broken loose, zombies are everywhere.  Haunted house near me
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4 Brand new attractions for 2018!


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Come to GHOST SHIP HARBOR on FRIDAY THE 13th for some "JASON" fun and to see Ashl‍‍‍ee from JAMN 94.5!

Special ‍‍‍Events

‍‍‍Oct 20th and 21‍‍‍st!

The JIGSAW photo booth is coming to Ghost Ship Harbor on October 20th and 21st. Take a haunting picture and get excited: the newest SAW film opens October 27th!

(Located at the customer service desk)

October 27th

Hot 96.9 Halloween Bash!

Ghost Ship Harbor's annual 96.9 Boston‍‍‍ Halloween bash is back again.  Hot 96.9  and Ghost Ship Harbor will be offering up $1000 in prize m‍‍‍oney for our costume contest.  Deirdre Dagata will be our host helping to pick the winners!

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October 31st‍‍‍

Halloween with Ghandi!

Ghandi will be visting Ghost Ship Harbor this Halloween from 7-9pm.  Come meet her and listen to all the greatest hits from KISS 108 in our VIP Bacardi Bat Cave!

*Th‍ere's an additional charge for this VR experience.

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