Paranormal Ghost Ship

Paranormal Ghost Ship is a new event that offers people the opportunity to enjoy a night out on the USS Salem with professional ghost hunters.  We had so many people ask us if we were going to do a ghost hunt on the ship after Ghost Ship Harbor.  I mean who wouldn't want to spend hours on a haunted ship trying to communicate with the spirits?  The ship is scary with the lights on in the middle of the day!  It seems that ever since Ghost Hunters did an episode on the USS Salem, there has been no shortage of spiritual phenomenons occurring!  Don't miss your chance to participate in this amazing Ghost Hunt!  There are limited amount of tickets!  

Event Date:  March 31st 2017

Event Time: 6pm-12mid

Where:  USS Salem 739 Washington St, Quincy, MA 02169

Event cost:  $174.99 per person

A ticket to the event includes;

6 hr. immersive ghost hunting experience, event schedule will run as follows;

6-7:30  Buffet dinner, 2 drink maximum

7:00-7:30  History of the USS Salem

7:30-8:00  Q&A with our celebrity guests

8:00-8:15 Break up into groups for the ghost hunt

8:15-12mid  Ghost hunting will be taking place.  You will get to be with each celebrity guest rotating throughout the night.  We will have 4 sections of the ship that you will be focusing in on.  

Food and Drink-  We have hired a catering company to provide the food and drink buffet style.  We will have vegetarian options as well.  If you do have dietary restrictions please let us know by emailing and she will make sure your needs are met.  2 drink maximum per person (beer and wine).  Water, soda and snacks will be available to keep you going during the ghost hunt!

4 different experiences with our professional ghost hunters
The Professional-  Shari DeBenedetti from Ghost Hunters Fame, is bringing her skills to the USS Salem.  A local Ghost Hunter who conquered her fear of ghosts at an early age and vowed to help others as well!

The Audio Specialist- John Brightman is a master when it comes to collecting EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

The Psychic Medium-  What do you get when you love ghost hunting and have a 6th sense to connect to the other side? Stephanie Burke, she’s a very unique investigator and that makes for a fun experience

The Paranormal Historian-  Don Decristofaro knows every nook and cranny of the ship having ghost hunted on it for 10+ years. He will lead you to places that only he knows about and you can play with his professional video set up.

Wait, did you just see that?  A shadow went from that room to the surgery room.

— Ghost Ship Harbor employee

Meet our paranormal Experts:
Shari DeBenedetti

Shari became interested in the paranormal field at a young age and has experienced many strange and unexpected things. When Shari was 25 she began to research and investigate the paranormal, because the house she lived in at the time was believed to be haunted. Shari became afraid to go into the home alone after her and her family had many frightening experiences. Forming a team with her friends, Shari decided that she wanted to help others in similar situations be comfortable in their own homes. For both clients and for fun, Shari has investigated hotels/inns, historical properties, cemeteries, forts, lighthouses, office buildings, apartment complexes, jails and restaurants. Shari first met Jason Hawes at a T.A.P.S. paranormal event and they have remained friends for many years. When Shari’s not on the road filming Ghost Hunters, Shari enjoys spending time at home with her children and is a real estate agent, and conducts private investigations with a few teams in her local area.

John Brightman
With well over a decade of experience, John Brightman, founder of New England Paranormal Research will be one of your Paranormal Experts!  John’s outstanding research and state-of-the-art precision to gather evidence has lead him to being featured on shows like the Travel Channel Ghost Adventures, A Haunting, Ghost Lab, The Haunted, My Ghost Story and even international shows in over a dozen countries, world-wide. John has also been a guest at big conventions all over the country and is currently writing his second book and working on two movies, all of which will be coming out later this year! John captivates any audience with his extensive knowledge of the field as well as personal stories!

Stephanie Burke
Since a young age, Stephanie has been able to see, hear, feel, and communicate with the other side. She inherited intuitions from previous generations. Growing up in a spiritually active historical home with her gift, Burke grew up thinking it was nothing but normal to be surrounded by such energies. Being comfortable helped develop her love and curiosity for the paranormal and has since investigated every chance she gets! Stephanie made this love her life and now uses her gift to help others understand that death does not mean the end.  Stephanie loves giving others the opportunities to reconnect with their loved ones in spirit and has had the opportunity to help families, historical societies, corporations, authors, and television shows with her gifts. Along with her mediumship, she’s been practicing Reiki for nearly a decade, helping people heal, relax and regain balance to their energy. Burke is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and has had the honor to study under James Van Praagh for Psychic and Medium Development. Stephanie has appeared on TLC, Destination America, and Syfy Channels and can be heard live Saturday nights as WBSM’s Spooky Southcoast Radio co-host!

Don DeCristofaro

Don is an experienced paranormal investigator. Among the first to investigate the USS Salem, DeCristofaro has an intimate knowledge of the Salem after 10+ of investigating.  Don will take you to places on the ship where he knows you will find the best activity! Founder of the Greater Boston Paranormal Associates, Don has been featured in numerous publications and worked with some of the most well respected names in the field at some of the most sought after locations.


Contact info:  Jackie Rosen

Phone:  617-935-0444


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