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Matthew DiRoberto, June 15 2018

Is the USS Salem Haunted? 

Ever since Ghost Hunters did an episode on the USS Salem in 2009 people have said its never been the same.  "Doors were opened up that never closed".  Things have been seen that can never be unseen.  We have spent a lot of time on the USS Salem and pretty much anyone who has worked there for a long time has "a story".  The first story is from our head paranormal investigator at Ghost Ship Harbor, Don Decristofaro.  

Read Don's story below.

Although the activity in Salem’s Wardroom seems to have diminished, I still list it among the most active spaces aboard the ship because of one particular night.

 Years ago, when I was aboard the ship most weekends and was guiding a paranormal group who’d rented the ship for an overnight we were well into the investigation when four of us entered the Wardroom through the forward door.

Immediately a chair tipped over in the after starboard corner of the room.  As we made our way in that direction there was a metallic screeching sound in the forward port corner, as though a chair were being pulled out from the table.  As two of our group headed to that corner we all clearly heard the sound of a dentist’s drill.

Since the dentist’s office is located right outside a door in the after port corner of the room I felt pretty clearly at the point that we were being taunted.  I also felt something else that I’ve never felt aboard Salem before or since.  I felt as though whatever we were dealing with didn’t want us on its ship.

We made our way to the passageway between the Wardroom and the dentist’s office and as we all clearly heard (and recorded) a low moan or wail, we saw what appeared to be someone peaking around Barbette #2 (the barbettes are the foundations of the 8” gun turrets that extend down through the second deck) as we looked forward.

 Two of the group stayed where they were while two of us went in that direction where we saw nothing until we were headed back to join the others, when we saw the same “Person” once again watching us, this time from between two staterooms on the starboard side of the ship.

 Using the radios we coordinated and approached the entity from both sides thinking it would have nowhere to run, but of course we ran into nothing but each other as we came around the barbette.

 As I said this was the a rare uncomfortable incident aboard Salem.  I felt as though we were unwanted and this entity was taunting us in the hopes that we’d leave its ship and not return.


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Written by

Matthew DiRoberto

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