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Have you ever wanted to be part of a full fledged production?  If you love Halloween and haunted houses, we are looking for someone like you.  If you are interested in joining the Ghost Ship Harbor crew for the 2018 season please email us your resume and a cover letter to [email protected]   Must be 18 or over to work at Ghost Ship Harbor.  Looking to Hire starting in August.

Jobs we are looking to fill are below;

Haunt Engineer

  • -Repair, installation and maintenance of all animatronic props. Installing in predetermined places along with running required power and air. Making sure they operate correctly and reliably. Also address any safety concerns. Turn on at beginning of each shift and shut down at the end of the evening properly. Waterproofing all electrical components
  • -Installation and maintenance of all fog equipment. Installing in predetermined locations along with power for each unit. Maintaining fog fluid levels through operation. Cleaning machines every night by running distilled water through them. Turning machines on/off. Also, waterproofing necessary components
  • -Running all necessary electrical throughout all haunts
  • -Installing all emergency lighting throughout all haunts
  • -Addressing any and all repair issues necessary during event operation regardless of what the issue is that arises
  • -Assisting in initial setup and teardown.
  • Audio/Visual Engineer
  • -Installation of all audio necessary throughout all haunts. Including but not limited to speaker install and mounting, audio cable run, power cable run, audio player (mp3, SD card, phone if necessary) for all ambient audio. Also any and all audio necessary for certain props with audio requirements. Maintenance of all audio needs throughout the event including any on the spot repairs necessary
  • -Installation and maintenance of all lighting and lighting equipment necessary throughout all the haunts. Including but not limited to light install and mounting, any and all wiring necessary, programming and linking lighting. Ambient lighting and prop highlighting (spots, pin spots). Also, predetermined ship lighting
  • -Any and all audio/visual needs for the bar area, the merchandise booths, and the “dirt” lot. The Bar to include ambient lighting, bar lighting, and audio setup for music and possible plug in for DJ if necessary. Merch booth to include spot lighting for merchandise and lighting for personnel. Dirt lot will include ambient lighting, audio and lighting for any and all events taking place.
  • Actor Manager
  • -Must be responsible for all scare actors during event, pre and post in regards to characters, acting quality, following proper rules and regulations and proper placement
  • -Manager must be able to conduct pre-shift meeting everyday before event
  • -Actor Manager will also be responsible to actors performing at off site events ie; college campus, street team, etc.Must also be able to assist with actor procurement for event.
  • Build Team
  • Team will consist of a variety of individuals with different talents but Carpentry being the main focus. Will be responsible for wall construction and installation throughout all 3 houses including any and all facades necessary. Also any additional prop construction. In addition, installation of any tarps necessary and camo netting
  • -Will be responsible for construction and installation of both Merchandise booths and the Bar
  • -Must be available and able to assist with bringing items onto the ship when needed and to assist with the movement and placement of props throughout
  • -Build Team will work closely with Project Manager and Haunt Engineers
  • Art DepartmentWill be responsible for painting all walls and facades that are built. That includes but not limited to, materials used, colors, and themes all in accordance to design styles agreed on by PMWill be responsible for all paint and paint supplies necessary. Ordering and maintenanceSet paintingProp paintingSignage painting
  • Make up Team
  • -Work closely with the Art Department in regards to ordering and maintaining supplies necessary
  • -Proper maintenance of makeup areas ( stock, general housekeeping, storage of supplies)
  • -Ability to deliver consistent special effects makeup in a timely manner on all actors Staged and strollers
  • Social Media Manager/video/editor
  • -Looking for a creative marketing minded individual who understands how to post content, create content photo and video and edit video to drive social engagement
  • -Video and photo editing skills can be basic to intermediate
  • -We are looking for more documentary style video work and basic photo posting
  • -Attention to detail, strong communication skills, great understanding of social media posting and viral capabilities of online mediaCan be available September during the days and nights and October during operating nights
  • -This person must be responsive
  • Event Marketing Manager
  • -Must ha‍‍‍ve experience in running events preferably large scale
  • -A love for Halloween is a plus
  • -Manage operations of the event from setting up nightly to working with staff to making sure the production starts on time
  • -Trouble shoot any issues with customers working closely with the customer
  • -Coordinate large groups when coming on site
  • -Work with media partnerships and sponsorship partners to make sure we are executing on agreements
  • -Must be organized and be able to work in a fast paced environment

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